Homeland Security / Critical Infrastructures

The most relevant segment, where UAVs are already being utilized, is the protection of critical and large infrastructures and policing applications. Other relevant uses such as disaster prevention and protection of urban soft targets are increasingly gaining importance. For such missions highly sophisticated camera systems like the L3/Wescam MX-10 are required that offer stand-off capabilities and superior performance under adverse climatic and environmental conditions. Jamming and Spoofing Hardened Position Receivers are mandatory for safe operation and also software solutions to automatically identify critical situations and events.

Recommended UniversalUAV mission-equipment for this purpose consists of but not limited to the following main components.

Generic Ground Station S/W


  • Small object detection
  • Moving object tracking
  • Real-time and Forensic Operation
  • Geo-location Data


Wescam / MX-10

  • Daylight camera
  • Infrared camera
  • Laser range finder…