The UniversalUAV Project

SI-Schweitzer develops a family of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) for various mission profiles ranging from tactical missions with a range of 60 km up to long endurance missions with a range of several thousand kilometers. All UniversalUAV vehicles share sophisticated wing-body shape and twin-engine push-pull configurationand offer high capacity interior space for sensor and other equipment placement, while not compromising superior aerodynamic performance and safety.

Technical Description

UniversalUAV vehicles are built following EASA/FAA standards for experimental composite aircraft. The flights are controlled from a Generic Ground Station that allows simultaneous flights for up to four vehicles. All flights are fully automatic from take-off to landing, but the UAVs can also be piloted manually using fly-by-wire technology. The implementation of transponders in the UAVs make flights in controlled airspace possible. Command and control is performed using different approaches from direct data link to Iridium satellite data link or regular 3G/4G network. The Generic Ground Station uses alarm-handling software,map&scenario overlay technology and a video streaming server management.

Generic Ground Station


  • Automated flights based on dynamic waypoints and timing
  • The option for manual control / override (direct or fly-by-wire)
  • A detailed situational awareness
  • ADS-B and/or FLARM visualization
  • Support for numerous different UAS
  • Support for missions incorporating more than one UAS flying simultaneously
  • The option of a mission controller supporting the pilot (e.g., to operate the gimbal camera)
  • Dedicated communication channels for control/telematics and for the payload
  • Intrinsic jamming and spoofing resilience
  • Co-operation with Air Traffic Management
  • Aircraft radio integration
  • High efficiency for the operating company
  • An optimized HMI for operation of the UAS and of the mission sensors
  • Integration of mission planning

System Specification (UAV)


  • Endurance: >10 hours
  • Cruise speed: 130 kts
  • Max. Altitude: >20.000 ft
  • Range: 100 nm (data link), 1.200 nm (Iridium)


  • Glass/Carbon Fibre HC
  • Retractable gear
  • Twin-engine (gasoline)
  • Automatic take-off & -landing
  • Manual fly-by-wire control
  • Anti-icing (optional)
  • ATC Transponder / ADSB

Technical Data

  • Span: 5 m
  • Length: 3 m
  • Max. TOW: 220 kg

The Missions