Pilatus PC-6 Special Mission

The PC-6 Special Mission is the work horse for the Mission Aircrafts; its capabilities in surveillance, broadcasting, and photography have no peer in the global market.

Equipped with a special lift system developed by SI and the high end IR/EO gimbal camera, Wescam MX 15i, the PC-6 Special Mission fulfills even the highest military requirements with respect to video stability, quality, and power. By using additional IR cameras, multiple missions are possible, such as border patrol, surveillance of critical facilities, pipelines and powerlines as well as law enforcement, wildlife tracking, and many others. All sensor data can be stored onboard or sent to a ground station using data link systems. Due to its superior electrical power supply and a certified power arrangement that is independent of the aircraft’s cockpit systems, the PC-6 Special Mission can carry sensor platforms with high electrical consumption, such as geodetic camera equipment with data storage and conversion without the risk of overcharging.